Higo no Kami Pocket Knife by Nagao Seisakusho

Beauty and simplicity. This blade is literally the baby cousin of the katana. These are not high performing blades made with modern technology and materials. Higo No Kami knives are old-school Japanese knives forged by the last surviving smiths from old-world Japan. A must-have for knife collectors.

With the decline of the Samurai in the late 19th century also meant the decline in the demand for swords. As a result, smiths began producing pocket tool knives. The minimalist design with the iconic thumb lever soared in popularity. A guild was formed to oversee the manufacture of these trademarked “Higo no Kami” blades. Today, these blades are handmade by the last remaining maker in the guild, Nagao Seisakusho.

Higo No Kami blades are simple friction blades with no locking mechanism. The iconic thumb lever provided leverage to easily deploy the blade from the main steel body. With the blade extended, the thumb lever cleverly doubles as a simple mechanism to prevent the blade from folding back when in use.

Higo no Kami Pocket Knife by Nagao Seisakusho

The knife is made from carbon steel and requires a little more maintenance to prevent it from rusting. However, carbon steel holds a razor-sharp edge and the metal develops a beautiful patina over time and use. This may not be the best choice for a camping knife, but it still functions beautifully for simple tasks like opening packages, cutting cord and sharpening pencils. This is also is an excellent knife for carving and whittling wood.

Own a little piece of history and feel like a Samurai the next time you open your parcels.

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