Gecko Kalimba 17-Keys Thumb Piano

Serenade to your loved one with the Kalimba. Also known as a thumb piano, the ethereal sound of this charming instrument will have your audience falling in love head over heels.

The Gecko Kalimba 17-Keys Thumb Piano hand made out of the finest materials. The body is made from a beautiful polished mahogany that is lovely to hold and gives the the Kalimba it’s distinct ethereal tone. The keys are made from ore steel bars and crafted for the the most delicate sense of touch.

If you are new to the instrument, the Gecko Kalimba 17-Keys Thumb Piano comes with a learning booklet to help you get started with your new favourite instrument. The instrument also comes with a set of note stickers to label the keys to help with learning the instrument.

Also included is a high quality EVA protective traveling case. The EVA case protects the instrument from humidity, scratches and oxidation. You can securely and conveniently bring the instrument with you wherever you go.

Perfect for music lovers, musicians, songwriters or someone looking to learn a new instrument. The Gecko Kalimba 17-Keys Thumb Piano is a fun little instrument to fall in love with.

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